Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Race Recap - Mothers Day Classic 2015

Mother's Day classic 8km Race Darwin - Time: 52:46:00

What a run! I was thrilled to have participated in this years Mothers Day Classic 8km fun run! Myself and a good friend both set out to use the event to help raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation as well as challenge our running strength and personal goals. I was excited to be running my first MDC and to receive my first piece of bling since beginning my running journey earlier this year.

The night before the race I had some jitters and both Nicole and I were at a fancy dress party till late on Saturday evening so, by the time I got home and prepared my things for the next day and settled into bed it was quite late. I set several alarms so that I would not fail to get up at 5:30am. I slept well. When the morning came and my alarms rang there was a small feeling of "what the heck am I doing!"
I got myself ready and Nicole and I were soon on our way into the city. It makes it so much more fun and worthwhile doing these events with a friend. It's creating memories and I love that. I love my running buddies!
Now at the event site, we did a group warm up and then I went to the toilet again, not sure if it was nerves, my water intake, or the fact that I've had two babies! We positioned ourselves at the starting line.I flustered a little as I prepared my Garmin, my iPhone and my tunes and headphones. Man, headphones are so annoying! Having to untangle them in a hurry is so frustrating. I am looking forward to my new wireless headphones arriving in my mailbox!

 BANG... went the starting gun. Tons of people funnelled their way through the start line and embarked on an 8km journey that would have us panting and sweating our way to earning a piece of running bling at the finish line! And for many I'm sure it was an emotional journey as they honoured loved ones who've suffered with cancer.
Not even 1 km into the run we faced what would seem one of Darwin's few but very steep hills. It was too soon in the race for an incline as steep as this but, I managed to run up it and I think it was just past the hill that I saw the 1 km marker sign. Nicole and I were still together at this point and, I told her how demotivating it was to see that we'd only made it to 1km! We were 1/8 of the way and I was hating it! The first 10-15 mins of a run I absolute hate. I question myself and I feel out of my depth. Eventually it passes, momentum kicks in and I feel a bit more at  ease with my running pace and occasionally I may even forget that I'm running, aka dying!
It wasn't long and there was another slight hill (Darwin is so flat, there are few hills to speak of and this course comprised of 2 of them!). I powered up until I couldn't keep pace and I think this is where I had to take on a walking break for a bit.

The tens of meters passed and eventually I spotted the lead runners coming back against me and that was a good sign. It meant that the course was about to loop and that the half way mark was close at foot. A friend, who in great form and speed passed me, let me know I was close to half way and well, it wasn't that close by my standards. It felt like forever but I did eventually get to the halfway point.Yay halfway! Down the hill I went and veered off to the right where the course took a more scenic and coastal route. The path was narrow at times and that was slightly prohibiting but, through turns and twining we went and I did my best. There was a small incline and I felt my legs being powered by rockets. It was an amazing feeling! It didn't last hehe. I kept running and then there I was... At the finish line! I made it!

I am super proud of my effort, I have achieved one of my running goals for this year! I am also very proud of my INChurch Sisterhood team. They did amazing and we raised $845 for breast cancer research. Thank you so much to all my sponsors and supporters. Thank you.


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