Friday, 8 May 2015

Overcoming Hurdles

It been a tough week and a half with 'stuff' going on and tonights run was a run I needed more than anything else. Monday evenings run ended up being a lousy 3km walk with a little jog here and there with the pram (it was nice for hubby to have a pram free run). I really wasn't feeling it and I didn't even want to go out but I pushed past all that knowing that it would be good for me. And whilst I didn't run and it was only a 3km walk it was still a great effort considering my state of mind.  

Today I was still feeling bleh about going for a run but I knew it would be just what I needed. I began the first part of my run with an awesome pace which was giving me good vibes. I usually run easy so that I'm confident I will be able to finish my run. But tonight I wanted to push it and not wait till the end to do it. Much to my disappointment I got a whopper of a stitch! It had me walking a fair bit of the 5km course so, in the end my awesome pace failed me. The stitch may have been a result of pushing a bit harder and faster but I didn't feel that was it. My breathing technique was off and I think thats what caused the stitch. My heart is a little 'abnormal' and correct breathing is of utmost importance. Running while stressed does not result well either so I'm conscious of that. 
Some people get out for a run to help clear their mind and help relieve their stresses but for me its not necessarily a good idea. 

The Mothers Day Classic fun run is coming up this Sunday and its been really important for me to push past my lack of enthusiasm and to 'just do it'!
The running has always been hard but now I've experience how hard it is to overcome mental hurdles. 
I'm looking forward to the Mothers Day Classic and I really hope I've prepared enough for it, wish me well! All the best to anyone else taking on the challenge. Happy running.  


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