Saturday, 11 April 2015


Did I mention that I'm just an everyday mum? That may be so but like all mums I'm doing extraordinary things (lets not sell ourselves short mamas). My husband is away on business and that leaves me with 2 saturday mornings/ 2 parkruns, without someone to watch the boys. Knowing how much running with others motivates me meant that if I didn't make the effort to go and take the little men with me, it would result in a loss of motivation. You've got to work with your strengths!

I was apprehensive about taking the boys in the double pram because its heavy, they are heavy and I really didn't want to hold up the volunteers by possibly taking a million hours to get to the finish line. I reminded myself that Parkrun is also for the walkers and the joggers, its for all abilities. We all have to start somewhere and for me, I had to start again but with an extra 20+ kgs in push. Running with the pram is something I've done very occasionally for a very short period of time. Running on just my own two feet has been challenging enough let alone 2 kids in a pram so, I usually leave the wheeling to hubby.
Earlier this week (also due to hubby being away) I took the boys out to test my ability to run and push 5 kms. I didn't do great and I walked a lot. We also stopped in at a park so that the boys could have a bit of fun. And although it was late afternoon it was still too early for Darwin weather, it was stinking hot! But the little men go down for bed at 6:30pm so I wanted to work around that time frame. 

Theres always memes and quotes about making time and prioritising time to do things like workouts but, truth be told its really hard when you're a mum feeding, changing, teaching, caring and growing kids. Yes its always about priorities but the livelihood of our children are high up on that list. So, we do the best we can to make extraordinary things happen in life when so much of it 'seems' ordinary. Being a mother is extraordinary but today I 'did' the extraordinary and, I pushed the 2 sons that my body grew for 9 months in the womb, that my body birthed and who I now physically, mentally and emotionally invest my time, love and energy into. This morning wasn't about whether I could, it was about whether or not I 'would' do it!

Well, I did it! As the finish line became more visible I felt great and I could hear from way back my friend at the finish cheering me on, others cheered and clapped too (well at the time I thought it was for me, possibly not lol). This is not new or unusual behavior from the Parkrun community, this is why I love it! I crossed that line feeling empowered by my body's strength and by the community cheering me to the end. To top it off, I got a really great time which was even better than my first parkrun and that was without a double pram!

I'm not sure if this photo below is all that flattering but it tells a story.
photo credit Parkrun Darwin


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