Sunday, 19 April 2015

Running on 4 Wheels

Yay! Parkrun #11 completed! Only 39 more Parkruns till I hit the prestigious 50 Club. Thats a lot of weeks, its 2 weeks short of a whole year of running weekly in fact but, I'm determined to stay committed
This week I managed to make time for three 5km runs and because Matt was still away I continued to do my runs with the double pram. It has been a real work out with the total weight of the pram being about 25+kgs. I know my arms and abs have benefited greatly. Each new run I did with the pram I was able to score a new pb which was very encouraging! Saturday's Parkrun was my last run for the week and I felt like I was struggling immensely. Samson had left the house without his favourite toy car so, he was a bit antsy and stroppy at times and for probably about the last 50m he really cracked it! I was exhausted and felt like I was ready to cry by this point. We passed the finish line and in great time. Samson continued to be upset and then proceeded to throw a tantrum (sigh). I was really grateful for the lady who pushed the pram to my car while I wrangled Samson and attempted to gain back my breath from running 5 kms! Thanks for being such a great community Parkrun!R2-D2 (my trusty Garmin) let me know that I hit a new record, I had run my fastest 1km! Not sure if that really means much but it can only be a good thing. Tomorrow, I run without the pram, a first in 2 weeks.


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