Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And If Not, I Will Still Love Me

In my last post I wrote that I wanted to add an extra run into my week, taking my running schedule up to 3 times per week instead of just 2. Well, today I managed that extra run! It's only second for the week so far but by the time I do Parkrun on Saturday I will have reached my goal for the week.
I really wanted to push my limits tonight and run a whole 10kms but it didn't happen and, I kind of new when I started running that it probably wasn't going to either. I still felt a little fresh from my monday run and to be fair, I've not done a lot of running with the double pram until last week. So, it's probably a good idea to do 10kms without a pram first. Or maybe I should try something more like 7-8 kms before trying 10kms. I'm starting to get ahead of myself I think! I only managed 5km tonight and thats great. I need to remember to keep goals realistic and even then if I can't meet them, then I still need to be proud of my efforts. 
It can be so easy to start and fear what we don't think we'll ever achieve and, as someone who gets satisfaction from 'achievement'  rather than process its easy to forget how important the 'process' is. It's important for me to see my goals as a process and not just an achievement and that its okay when I haven't achieved my goal... yet! This evening I did get a PB for my pram runs which is great. Its the progress in the process that counts. 

Its the same with those who exercise with the goal of being at a more healthy weight and size. Its easy to want to be a certain size but we have to travel through the process and hard work before we reach our goal size or weight. I'm at a size I'm comfortable and happy with but I would like to have abs of steel hehe. Its going to be a process and its going to take hard work. I want determination and desire to get me there, not a hate or dislike for my body and tummy. I want to love myself and the shape I am even through the process. We are more than just our body's appearance. We are already beautiful if its first from the inside out. 


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