Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A New PB!

I love hitting a new personal best time! After going hard on last nights run I was pleased to have finally cracked a new PB! At first I didn't think I had, and then I saw that wonderful "1 NEW RECORD" pop up on my Garmin watch. Yay! I really tried hard so, I would've been gutted to have come in under time.
I'm now getting comfortable with running 3 x 5km runs each week and over the next week or two I hope to add a fourth. Its going to be tricky and it may require me to roll out of bed before the sun rises but, I think my body is ready for it. At this stage I am only managing to run a 5km distance however, I'd really love to push past that barrier but its hard. Running in the late afternoons when I really want to be winding down and, with the boys (and also evening commitments) I really don't feel like running any longer than I already do. Possibly with a morning run I'd be more enthusiastic with running further and it would be more time convenient too. I'm going to have to give it a crack soon though!


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