Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A New PB!

I love hitting a new personal best time! After going hard on last nights run I was pleased to have finally cracked a new PB! At first I didn't think I had, and then I saw that wonderful "1 NEW RECORD" pop up on my Garmin watch. Yay! I really tried hard so, I would've been gutted to have come in under time.
I'm now getting comfortable with running 3 x 5km runs each week and over the next week or two I hope to add a fourth. Its going to be tricky and it may require me to roll out of bed before the sun rises but, I think my body is ready for it. At this stage I am only managing to run a 5km distance however, I'd really love to push past that barrier but its hard. Running in the late afternoons when I really want to be winding down and, with the boys (and also evening commitments) I really don't feel like running any longer than I already do. Possibly with a morning run I'd be more enthusiastic with running further and it would be more time convenient too. I'm going to have to give it a crack soon though!

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Running on 4 Wheels

Yay! Parkrun #11 completed! Only 39 more Parkruns till I hit the prestigious 50 Club. Thats a lot of weeks, its 2 weeks short of a whole year of running weekly in fact but, I'm determined to stay committed
This week I managed to make time for three 5km runs and because Matt was still away I continued to do my runs with the double pram. It has been a real work out with the total weight of the pram being about 25+kgs. I know my arms and abs have benefited greatly. Each new run I did with the pram I was able to score a new pb which was very encouraging! Saturday's Parkrun was my last run for the week and I felt like I was struggling immensely. Samson had left the house without his favourite toy car so, he was a bit antsy and stroppy at times and for probably about the last 50m he really cracked it! I was exhausted and felt like I was ready to cry by this point. We passed the finish line and in great time. Samson continued to be upset and then proceeded to throw a tantrum (sigh). I was really grateful for the lady who pushed the pram to my car while I wrangled Samson and attempted to gain back my breath from running 5 kms! Thanks for being such a great community Parkrun!R2-D2 (my trusty Garmin) let me know that I hit a new record, I had run my fastest 1km! Not sure if that really means much but it can only be a good thing. Tomorrow, I run without the pram, a first in 2 weeks.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

And If Not, I Will Still Love Me

In my last post I wrote that I wanted to add an extra run into my week, taking my running schedule up to 3 times per week instead of just 2. Well, today I managed that extra run! It's only second for the week so far but by the time I do Parkrun on Saturday I will have reached my goal for the week.
I really wanted to push my limits tonight and run a whole 10kms but it didn't happen and, I kind of new when I started running that it probably wasn't going to either. I still felt a little fresh from my monday run and to be fair, I've not done a lot of running with the double pram until last week. So, it's probably a good idea to do 10kms without a pram first. Or maybe I should try something more like 7-8 kms before trying 10kms. I'm starting to get ahead of myself I think! I only managed 5km tonight and thats great. I need to remember to keep goals realistic and even then if I can't meet them, then I still need to be proud of my efforts. 
It can be so easy to start and fear what we don't think we'll ever achieve and, as someone who gets satisfaction from 'achievement'  rather than process its easy to forget how important the 'process' is. It's important for me to see my goals as a process and not just an achievement and that its okay when I haven't achieved my goal... yet! This evening I did get a PB for my pram runs which is great. Its the progress in the process that counts. 

Its the same with those who exercise with the goal of being at a more healthy weight and size. Its easy to want to be a certain size but we have to travel through the process and hard work before we reach our goal size or weight. I'm at a size I'm comfortable and happy with but I would like to have abs of steel hehe. Its going to be a process and its going to take hard work. I want determination and desire to get me there, not a hate or dislike for my body and tummy. I want to love myself and the shape I am even through the process. We are more than just our body's appearance. We are already beautiful if its first from the inside out. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

I'm Lifting My Game

This week I am lifting my game and I'm going to add an extra run to my week. It has been several months since I began running and it's well and truly time to increase my runs to a minimum of 3 times per week. My journey began small and its progressing small but its my journey so its okay. 
Running 3 times a week will be a challenge for me. I've come to the realization that running needs to be a part of our lifestyle, our everyday living. It can't be like a job or work where we restrict exercise to certain times and days before ticking it off the things to do that we hate. I need to want to run more and I need to not exclude weekends from my running schedule. Except for Saturday morning Parkruns I tend to think that no exercise should happen from a Friday to Sunday. Yet they are the days I am most available! Anyway just saying. 

Stay tuned for another blog post this week and to see how I'm doing adding an extra run in. Maybe I can add an extra 2?

Saturday, 11 April 2015


Did I mention that I'm just an everyday mum? That may be so but like all mums I'm doing extraordinary things (lets not sell ourselves short mamas). My husband is away on business and that leaves me with 2 saturday mornings/ 2 parkruns, without someone to watch the boys. Knowing how much running with others motivates me meant that if I didn't make the effort to go and take the little men with me, it would result in a loss of motivation. You've got to work with your strengths!

I was apprehensive about taking the boys in the double pram because its heavy, they are heavy and I really didn't want to hold up the volunteers by possibly taking a million hours to get to the finish line. I reminded myself that Parkrun is also for the walkers and the joggers, its for all abilities. We all have to start somewhere and for me, I had to start again but with an extra 20+ kgs in push. Running with the pram is something I've done very occasionally for a very short period of time. Running on just my own two feet has been challenging enough let alone 2 kids in a pram so, I usually leave the wheeling to hubby.
Earlier this week (also due to hubby being away) I took the boys out to test my ability to run and push 5 kms. I didn't do great and I walked a lot. We also stopped in at a park so that the boys could have a bit of fun. And although it was late afternoon it was still too early for Darwin weather, it was stinking hot! But the little men go down for bed at 6:30pm so I wanted to work around that time frame. 

Theres always memes and quotes about making time and prioritising time to do things like workouts but, truth be told its really hard when you're a mum feeding, changing, teaching, caring and growing kids. Yes its always about priorities but the livelihood of our children are high up on that list. So, we do the best we can to make extraordinary things happen in life when so much of it 'seems' ordinary. Being a mother is extraordinary but today I 'did' the extraordinary and, I pushed the 2 sons that my body grew for 9 months in the womb, that my body birthed and who I now physically, mentally and emotionally invest my time, love and energy into. This morning wasn't about whether I could, it was about whether or not I 'would' do it!

Well, I did it! As the finish line became more visible I felt great and I could hear from way back my friend at the finish cheering me on, others cheered and clapped too (well at the time I thought it was for me, possibly not lol). This is not new or unusual behavior from the Parkrun community, this is why I love it! I crossed that line feeling empowered by my body's strength and by the community cheering me to the end. To top it off, I got a really great time which was even better than my first parkrun and that was without a double pram!

I'm not sure if this photo below is all that flattering but it tells a story.
photo credit Parkrun Darwin

Friday, 10 April 2015

Mothers Day Classic 2015

Setting goals are part of life and something we all do. When people and running are put together theres always a continuous line of goals waiting to be achieved. Goals for running times, running distance, and running events are all part of the 'running' package. 

Aside from participating in Parkrun each week my first running event goal for 2015 is the Mothers Day Classic. 
The Mothers Day Classic is an annual fundraising event that helps to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research. It is a 4 km and 8 km fun run that anyone can participate in by running or walking either one of the 2 distances. Its a family friendly, community building event for all fitness levels. 

Myself and a good friend Nicole have registered and, we're both preparing our physical and mental fitness in anticipation for our longest running event this year and, since I took up running in January. If you think you're up for the challenge Nicole and I would love to have others join our team for the fun run. Our team name is "INChurch Sisterhood" and password: inchurchsisterhood. Be inspired and give it a go!

I can't think of a better way to motivate and challenge my running 'phase' #sustainingmyrunningphase then to do it for a worthy cause such as this. Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 women (before the of 85 years) and I want to help improve the survival rate of those diagnosed by, raising awareness and money for breast cancer research. If you would like to sponsor me by donating funds please click HERE. In doing so you will be giving me virtual cheers, adding to my motivation and, most importantly you will be investing into a worthy cause that is near and dear to many.

I'm a wannabe determined to be!

Hi there, 
I'm a wannabe blogger who goes through phases and has long blogging pauses. I become inspired and then uninspired. And now, I am inspired again!
At the end of January I began my "running" phase and, like most phases I worried that it would come to an end at some point. Determined to stick to my "get fit" new years resolutions I have remained in my running phase and am making sure I sustain it. There won't be an end #sustainingmyrunningphase. 

The great news is that it is now April and going on 4 months since I started running, its a good sign I can stick with it... for a few months at least hehe. 
My reason for running was so that I could know what it was like to have a mental and physical outlet. People seem to love running and for me it was a few minutes of huffing and puffing and then giving up! How did people love running so much when it was so difficult. It wasn't refreshing it was death. So I'm trying to crack the "running lovers" club. I'm making it my mission to love running and figure out why others enjoy it so much. This is my running journey. 

Four months in and I still find running incredibly hard. A big motivator for me is Parkrun. I'm so thankful that a friend (a parkrunner and RMA) brought Parkrun and Running Mums Australia to my attention. I am an extrovert and very much motivated by others. Not always competitive but I love the team and community spirit in running with a group or another person. So, every Saturday morning I awake before dawn and prepare for a 5km Parkrun in hot and steamy Darwin. 
I'm a person who gets great satisfaction from achieving and accomplishing something. I don't love the process of doing something, its the end result that I love and feel a great sense of achievement from. I'm going to go ahead and say that I still hate running at this point in time but, I do love crossing a finishing line and thats why I'm still running. I love the feeling I get after a run well ran.

So far my running journey is not a complex one. I run only 2 times per week equalling 10 kms. I run 5 km at Parkrun and, 5 km with my husband and young sons on a monday evening. Aside from running we have a busy life and it can be hard prioritising our time well. My husband is on a weight loss journey of his own and he likes to run often, leaving me to take charge of the little men at home. I don't mind because I haven't wanted to run more than I already do and I very much support my husband and want to see him reach his goals. To make things more difficult, Darwin is not a place where running at anytime of day is an option. It's got to be at the crack of dawn or on the sun going down, its otherwise ridiculously hot. Like killer hot!

I'm not a health freak or a fitness freak. I'm an everyday mum doing everyday mum things, who wants to maintain a healthy, fit and balanced lifestyle. Fitness gets the happy hormones pumping and who wouldn't want more "happy" in their lives?